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The Best in Beauty and Nail Training
Avalon Beauty College offers you the very best in beauty and nail training via college
attended courses and online learning.
Our training is about giving you results, it gives you the opportunity to gather knowledge
and move forward to create a wonderful career in the beauty industry.
Delivering The Best - Avalon
Avalon Beauty College is a Nationally Accredited Training College
We offer 3 different ways
for you to complete your course at Avalon Beauty College

Want to train in a classroom situation?


Cant make it to the college?

Short Courses & WORKSHOP

Don’t need to complete a full course?

College Classes

We have our regular classes for those who are able to attend the College on a regular basis to complete their studies.

Online Learning courses

These Courses are perfect way to study if you can't come to our college. We deliver these courses for students who can study when they want and also knowing that they have all the help and assistance required from your own personal lecturer.

Our courses are structured for those who can't take time off work to start training or have a family and hard to find baby sitters. So for students who are not able to come to our college for training, you can now have the same lessons delivered to your home...

Online Non Accredited Courses

These courses are non-accredited but allow you to complete your course at home. These are great courses for those who want to perform treatments on family and friends.